Za Othman

In the Belly of the Beast, All Shall be Revealed,
1st August – 23rd September 2017.

Za’s work lays a bridge in the imagination between darkness and the reassuring images of childhood, twisting traditional themes in unexpected directions.

Although the paintings draw you into what might sometimes feel like a sad or perhaps even sinister world of ghostly woodland creatures, pensive characters and ethereal tones, also ever present is the invitation to revel in the light and playful shades inherent even in the deepest of shadows.

By daylight, Za enjoys her dream job as an art therapist, where she has the privilege of witnessing the more elusive, fragile corners of the psyche find expression and healing in paint and paper.

By moonlight, there is nothing she loves more than being immersed in the warm equatorial sea, but geographical constraints have led her to the discovery that painting late into the night in the company of Leonard Cohen certainly comes a close second.

In the wee small hours, life’s more veiled, more vivid shades seem to roam more freely, and with luck, find their way onto her canvases. They often manifest as characters strange and yet familiar, whilst at other times they layer hues, bittersweet as life’s paradoxes.

Location & Opening Times

3a & 4a Haddington Place, Edinburgh, EH7 4AE

Opening Hours

Open seven days a week, 11am - 5pm

On Thursdays late night opening until 8pm