American Patriotism Farther confronted with Reason, Scripture, and the Constitution: Being observations on the Dangerous Politicks taught by the Rev. Mr. Evans, M.A. and the Rev. Dr. Price. With a Scriptural Plea for the Revolted Colonies.

  • Fletcher, John
  • Shrewsbury: Printed by J. Eddowes 1776
  • ESTC T98714.


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FIRST EDITION, 12mo, pp. viii, 130. Extracted from a volume with portion of leather spine remaining. Half-title discarded. Some minor spotting.


The first edition of this scarce tract on the American Revolution by the naturalised clergyman John William Fletcher (d. 1785), born Jean Guillaume de la Flechere in Switzerland before moving to England at the age of 21. A skilled preacher of Methodist tendencies, Fletcher was close with John and Charles Wesley but disappointed them by not seeking to rise beyond the living of Madeley in Shropshire. This did however leave him time to write and he became 'a prolific and meticulously detailed writer'. This is the longer of two tracts in the same year defending the British position (and Wesley's support for it) against the attacks of Caleb Evans; Fletcher draws upon 'reason, scripture, and the constitution' to argue that indirect representation is a valid basis for taxation and that a lasting resolution to the conflict relies on Americans accepting the scriptural basis for this rather than being subdued by violence. A second edition followed in 1777 and a third in 1791.

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