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  • Kelso Records; Being Traditions and Recollections of Kelso.

    • Mason, John
    • Edinburgh: Adam and Charles Black [et al], 1839
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  • The Life of Hon. William F. Cody Known...

    • (Buffalo Bill) Cody, William F.
    • Hartford, Conn.: Frank E. Bliss, 1879
    £3,500 Find Out More
  • Curiosities of A Scots Charta Chest 1600-1800. With...

    • Forbes, Mrs Atholl
    • Edinburgh: William Brown, 1897
    £95 Find Out More
  • History of Stirlingshire, Containing An Account of the...

    • Nimmo, William
    • Edinburgh: Printed for William Creech, 1777
    £350 Find Out More
  • Biographia Scoticana; or, an Historical Account of the...

    • [Howie, John]
    • Leith: Printed by A. Allardice for Thomas Nelson, 1816
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  • Summaire de l’Origine Description et Merveilles d’Escosse. Par...

    • (Boece, Hector)
    • Bordeaux: G. Gounouilhou, 1863
    £150 Find Out More
  • The Statistical Account of Scotland. Drawn up from...

    • Sinclair, John
    • Edinburgh: Printed and sold by William Creech, 1791
    £2,000 Find Out More
  • The Peerage of Scotland, Containing An Historical and...

    • Douglas, Robert
    • Edinburgh: Printed by R. Fleming, 1764
    £350 Find Out More
  • Confession Générale de Son Altesse Sérénissime Mgr. Le...

    • (French Revolution)
    • Bruxelles [Brussels]: Chez le Secretaire des Commandements de Mgr. l'Archevêque de Paris, 1789
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  • Memoirs of the Reign of King Charles the...

    • Warwick, Philip
    • Edinburgh: Printed by John Ballantyne and Co., 1813
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