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  • The English Dialect of Donegal: A Glossary. Incorporating...

    • Traynor, Michael
    • Dublin: The Royal Irish Academy, 1953
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  • A New, Practical, and Easy Method of Learning...

    • Ahn, F.
    • Leipzig: F.A. Brockhaus, 1864
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  • Brachygraphy: or an easy and Compendious System of...

    • Gurney, Thomas
    • London: Printed for J. and M. Gurney. Sold by M. Gurney, 1795
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  • Remarks on the English Language, in the manner...

    • Baker, Robert
    • London: From the Press of The Etheringtons; for John Bell, 1779
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  • The French Interpreter; Consisting of Copious and Familiar...

    • Blagdon, Francis William
    • London: Printed for Leigh and Son, 1836
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  • Universal Stenography, or A Practical System of Short...

    • Mavor, William
    • [London]: Printed for Richard Phillips, 1807
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  • Elements of Elocution; Consisting of Rules, Observations and...

    • Scott, William
    • Edinburgh: Printed by James Ballantyne and Co. for William Whyte, 1807
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  • The Student and Traveller’s Guide to French Conversation:...

    • De Fivas, M. and M. Roux
    • London: Cowie, Loe and Co., 1827
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  • The Idioms of the French and English Languages,...

    • Chambaud, Lewis
    • London: Printed for F. Wingrave, 1814
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  • Language as a means of Mental Culture and...

    • Marcel, Claude
    • London: Chapman and Hall, 1853
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