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  • A Defence of A Book Intituled, The Snake...

    • [Leslie, Charles]
    • London: Printed by M. Bennet, 1700
    £250 Find Out More
  • The Secret and True History of the Church...

    • Kirkton, Rev. James
    • Edinburgh: Printed by James Ballantyne and Co., 1817
    £80 Find Out More
  • The Martyr Missionary: or Five Years in China.

    • Bush, Charles P.
    • Edinburgh: William P. Nimmo, 1867
    £95 Find Out More
  • Novum Testamentum.

    • (Bible. New Testament. Greek)
    • Glasguae [Glasgow]: In Aedibus R. Urie, 1750
    £250 Find Out More
  • Autobiography of the Rev. Dr Alexander Carlyle, Minister...

    • Carlyle, Alexander
    • Edinburgh and London: William Blackwood and Sons, 1860
    £75 Find Out More
  • The Seaman’s Confidence. A dialogue between two Seamen...

    • (Christianity)
    • London: Printed and sold by John Evans, 1815
    £50 Find Out More
  • The Analogy of Religion, Natural and Revealed, to...

    • Butler, Joseph
    • Edinburgh: Printed for William Whyte and Co., 1824
    £40 Find Out More
  • The Blame of Kirk-Buriall, Tending to Perswade Cemiteriall...

    • Birnie, William
    • London: W. Pickering, 1833
    £150 Find Out More
  • The Memoirs of Henry Guthry, Late Bishop of...

    • Guthry, Henry
    • Glasgow: Printed by Robert Urie, 1747
    £75 Find Out More
  • Ecclesia Restaurata; or The History of the Reformation...

    • Heylyn, Peter
    • London: Printed for H. Twyford, T. Dring, J. Place, W. Palmer, 1661
    £500 Find Out More

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