Four New Hebrew Type Faces.

  • (Type Specimen) (Gill, Eric)
  • Jerusalem: Jerusalem Type Foundry 1959


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Double-folded leaflet (174 x 98mm) and three bifolium type specimens, 1 slip loosely inserted. Text printed in two colours (black and either red, blue, or green), one specimen with an additional alphabet added on a yellow sticker. Loose slip toned.


A small collection of type specimens from the Jerusalem Type Foundry of Israel, chief among them Gill Hebrew, taken from carvings made by Eric Gill in the last years of his life, and also including specimen sheets for Mayer-Baruch, a lighter version of the 1920s Stam typeface; and Hatzevi and Hatzevi Light. The specimens describe Hatzevi as the foundry's 'first original creation'.

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