Poems on Various Subjects. Written by James Cargill, Teacher.

  • Cargill, James
  • Edinburgh: 1858


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Manuscript written in ink on paper, 171 x 94 mm, ff. 18. Modern plain grey boards. Outside blanks toned.


An attractively written manuscript by James Cargill (fl. 1830-1880), a writing master who seems to have been somewhat itinerant - other surviving volumes of his work give his location as Leith or Perth, while this one was done in Edinburgh. The texts are not original, but are presented unattributed - the volume opens with Charles Wesley's 'The Final Conflagration', here titled 'The Hope of the Righteous'; Cargill also transcribes Hogg's 'Skylark' and Reginald Heber's 'Farewell', among other shorter works. Cargill rotates through various alphabets, and different levels of decorative titles, along with various head- and tail-piece curls; the title-page and 'Finis' are particularly finely worked.

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