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  • Self-Knowledge: A Treatise Showing The Nature and Benefit...

    • Mason, John
    • London: Printed by C. Stower, 1804
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  • Maxims and Moral Reflections. by The Duke de...

    • La Rochefoucauld, François de
    • London: Printed for Lockyer Davis, 1791
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  • The Child’s Companion. Vol. VII, for 1829.

    • (Magazine)
    • [London]: Religious Tract Society, 1829
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  • Mrs Leicester’s School: or The History of Several...

    • [Lamb, Charles & Mary]
    • London: Printed by M. J. Godwin, at the Juvenile Library, 1814
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  • The Sovereignty of Good Over Other Concepts. The...

    • Murdoch, Iris
    • Cambridge: At The University Press, 1967
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  • Le Heros de Baltazar Gracien, Traduit de L’Espagnol;...

    • Gracián, Baltazar
    • A Rotterdam: Chez Jean Hofhout, 1729
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  • Introductio ad Prudentiam: or Directions, Counsels & Cautions,...

    • Fuller, Thomas
    • London: Printed for J Wyat, and W. and J. Innys; Printed for Stephen Austen, 1726
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  • The Spiritual Register; or, an Authentic Account of...

    • Wills, Thomas
    • London: Printed for Hughes and Walsh, 1784
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  • The Moral Characters of Theophrastus, translated from the...

    • Theophrastus
    • Edinburgh: Printed for James Reid, Bookseller in Leith, 1751
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  • The Polite Philosopher: or, an Essay on that...

    • [Forrester, James]
    • Edinburgh: Printed by W. Sands, A. Murray, and J. Cochran, for John Wood, 1751
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