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  • Curiosities of Crime in Edinburgh during The Last...

    • M'Levy, James
    • Edinburgh: William P. Nimmo, 1861
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  • Quae Supersunt ex Historiae Romanae voluminibus duobus. Ex...

    • Velleius Paterculus
    • Glasguae [Glasgow]: Excudebant Robertus et Andreas Foulis, 1752
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  • Bellum Peloponnesiacum. Ex editione Wassii et Dukeri.

    • Thucydides
    • Glasguae [Glasgow]: In aedibus Academicis, excudebant Robertus et Andreas Foulis, 1759
    £1,200 Find Out More
  • The Secret and True History of the Church...

    • Kirkton, Rev. James
    • Edinburgh: Printed by James Ballantyne and Co., 1817
    £80 Find Out More
  • Plutarch’s Lives, Translated from the Original Greek, with...

    • Plutarch
    • London: Printed for Edward and Charles Dilly, 1770
    £400 Find Out More
  • Justin’s History of the World from the Assyrian...

    • Justinus
    • London: Printed for D. Midwinter... and H. Clements, 1719
    £120 Find Out More
  • The History of France from the Origin of...

    • [Jones, David]
    • London: Printed for Daniel Brown, 1702
    £500 Find Out More
  • An Historical Development of the Present Political Constitution...

    • Pütter, Johann Stephen
    • London: Printed for T. Payne and Son [et al], 1790
    £250 Find Out More
  • Histoire de Thucydide, Fils d’Olorus, Traduite du Grec...

    • Thucydides
    • Paris: Chez les Editeurs J.B. Gail... et P.F. Aubin, 1795
    £400 Find Out More
  • An Introduction to the Knowledge of Medals.

    • Jennings, David
    • London: Printed by John Baskerville, for T. Field… and J. Payne, 1764
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