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  • No. IV: A First Collection, in Prose and...

    • (Pronunciation.)
    • Edinburgh: Printed for The Scottish School-Book Association, and Published by Alexander Macreadie, 1824
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  • A Grammar of Logic and Intellectual Philosophy, on...

    • Jamieson, Alexander
    • London: Printed for G. and W.B. Whittaker, 1824
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  • Guy’s School Geography, on a new and easy...

    • Guy, Joseph
    • London: Printed for Baldwin, Cradock, and Joy, 1821
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  • Hoole’s Terminations and Examples To the several Declensions...

    • Lily, William; Charles Hoole
    • Dublin: Printed by John Gough, 1808
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  • A Select Century of Corderius’s Colloquies; with English...

    • Cordier, Mathurin
    • Dublin: Printed for Robert Napper, for John Gough, 1811
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  • Opera: With an Ordo and Verbal Translation. By...

    • Horace
    • London: Printed for Thomas Ward, 1827
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  • Exemplary and Instructive Biography. For The Study of...

    • Chambers, Robert and William, ed.
    • Edinburgh: William and Robert Chambers, 1836
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  • Satirae XVI. Ad optimorum exemplarium fidem recensitae, perpetuo...

    • Juvenal
    • Oxonii [Oxford]: Sumtibus J. Cooke et J. Parker, 1808
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  • Englisches Lesebuch enthaltend die merkwürdigsten Begebenheiten aus der...

    • Louis, J
    • Dessau: gedruckt und im Verlag bei T. Schlieder, 1821
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  • Poetae Minores Graeci… Quibus subjungitur eorum potissimùm quæ...

    • (Greek Poetry)
    • Cantabrigiae [Cambridge]: Ex Officina Joan. Hayes, 1684
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