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  • The Wedding Songs of Edmund Spenser: being the...

    • (Golden Cockerel Press) Spenser, Edmund
    • Waltham Saint Lawrence: Golden Cockerel Press, 1923
    £95 Find Out More
  • The Universal Herbal; or, botanical, medical, and agricultural...

    • Green, Thomas
    • London: Printed at the Caxton Press, by Henry Fisher, 1832
    £400 Find Out More
  • Studies of Nature on The Coast of Arran....

    • Milner, George
    • London: Longman, Green, And Co., 1894
    £75 Find Out More
  • On Sunny Shores With Illustrations by Margaret Landers...

    • Scollard, Clinton
    • New York: Charles L. Webster & Company, 1893
    £75 Find Out More
  • Hobby Horses With Riders by Guinness.

    • [Guinness Doctors' Books]
    • Ipswich: Printed by W. S. Cowell Ltd., 1958
    £50 Find Out More
  • All My Own Work. The Guinness Do It...

    • [Guinness Doctors' Books]
    • [Ipswich]: Printed by W. S. Cowell Ltd., 1964
    £60 Find Out More
  • Pen Portraits by A. P. H. Exhibited by...

    • [Guinness Doctors' Books]; A. P. Herbert
    • [Ipswich]: Printed for W.S. Cowell Ltd, 1962
    £40 Find Out More
  • A Visit to Bedsyde Manor. Guinness’s Guide For...

    • [Guinness Doctors' Books]
    • [Ipswich]: Printed by W. S. Cowell Ltd, 1965
    £50 Find Out More
  • [Collection of 130 works in 262 volumes]

    • [Talwin Morris Bindings]
    • [various]: Blackie and Son., 1893
    £4,500 Find Out More
  • English Botany; or, Coloured Figures of British Plants,...

    • Sowerby, James; Smith, James Edward
    • London: Printed for the Author, by J. Davis, 1790
    £6,000 Find Out More

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