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  • Remarks on the English Language, in the manner...

    • Baker, Robert
    • London: From the Press of The Etheringtons; for John Bell, 1779
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  • Language as a means of Mental Culture and...

    • Marcel, Claude
    • London: Chapman and Hall, 1853
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  • Hoole’s Terminations and Examples To the several Declensions...

    • Lily, William; Charles Hoole
    • Dublin: Printed by John Gough, 1808
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  • A Select Century of Corderius’s Colloquies; with English...

    • Cordier, Mathurin
    • Dublin: Printed for Robert Napper, for John Gough, 1811
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  • Scotticisms, Vulgar Anglicisms, and Grammatical Improprieties Corrected, With...

    • Mitchell, Hugh; [James Beattie]
    • Glasgow; Edinburgh: Printed by Falconer & Willison, and sold by The Booksellers in Town and Country; Printed for The Booksellers, 1799
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  • Ajax, his Speech to the Grecian Knabbs, From...

    • (Ovid) Forbes, Robert, trans.
    • [Edinburgh?]: [s.n.], 1748
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  • A Grammar of The Icelandic or Old Norse...

    • Rask, Erasmus
    • London: William Pickering, 1843
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